Speaker Listing 3

Dr. Richard Hickam
Advent Health
Richard Hickam is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and executive producer and works as the Director of Music & the Arts at AdventHealth. In 2021, Richard founded the AdventHealth Orchestra in Orlando, FL, a symphony orchestra comprised of healthcare workers. He holds a doctorate in worship studies with an emphasis on music & spirituality and bachelor's and master's degrees in music education.
Nathan Leon
Nathan Leon had a passion for filmmaking at an early age. He has spent his life dedicated to the craft of writing and storytelling. Over the years Nathan was privileged enough to be mentored by some of the top Hollywood producers, directors, and screenwriters through the Act One Program. Nathan felt called to incorporate his faith into his professional endeavors and founded Visionary Film Productions to accomplish that goal with his wife Meghan in 2012. He is currently developing and producing multiple television and independent faith-based projects under Visionary Film Productions. He has recently taken on his biggest adventure to date. The role of fatherhood.
Meghan Leon
Meghan began writing as a child, journaling and creating short stories. After a short deviation into Pre-Med during college, she returned to literature and creative writing to receive her Bachelors in Writing and Linguistics at the University Nebraska at Omaha. Meghan then went on to attended a graduate program in Creative Nonfiction at Saint Mary’s College of California. Since receiving her Masters of Fine Arts degree in 2011, she has been working alongside her husband, Nathan Leon, at their independent production company, Visionary Film Productions as Lead Producer for their films. Meghan has also expanded her on-set expertise as a Unit Production Manager. While Meghan’s educational background offer her a unique insight into story, it is the business and logistic aspects of a production that drive her efforts. She believes those working on a film together, from the screenplay’s earliest conception through final delivery for release, should feel like a family. Meghan also finds that a film project is not one large endeavor but rather a result of many small efforts fueled by determination, hope, and most of all, a strong conviction in one's vocation.
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