Established on September 15, 2011, International Christian Film Festival, Inc. (ICFF) is a nonprofit organization guided by a unwavering commitment to prioritize God in every endeavor. Our mission has been twofold from the very outset: to both uplift and educate Christian filmmakers and artists worldwide.

At ICFF, we offer a vibrant platform for creators to showcase their faith-based and family-oriented films, documentaries, and music. Our dedicated panel of ten discerning judges meticulously evaluates submissions, recognizing and awarding excellence during our esteemed festival.

ICFF warmly welcomes participants from all walks of life. Here, you’ll find a rich array of opportunities, including enlightening classes, distribution opportunities, engaging seminars, invaluable networking prospects, and meaningful fellowship. Plus, our festival is graced with a glamorous red carpet event and an Oscar-style awards ceremony.

Join us at ICFF, where faith and artistry unite to create an unforgettable celebration of talent, creativity, and the enduring power of God.